Powders / Double base

Ball powder
Ball powder as a double base powder, has a high level of energy, containing two energy components: nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine.It is used as commercial powder (in hunting and sports ammunition) for a small arms and for aircraft and anti-aircraft ammunition.
• For ammunition 5.56 – 20 mm
• Hunting and sports

• Superior chemical stability
• Uniformity of loading
• Increased powder charge
• Increased projectile velocity
• More uniform burning
• Lower flame temperature
• Improved barrel operation life

Download Ball powder catalog (.pdf 952 kb)

NG powders & Rocket fuels
Increment charges for the mortar program 60mm, 81/82mm, 120mm
Base & increment charge for mountain gun 76 mm
Special charge 105 mm

Double base artillery powders for:
100 mm, 130 mm, 152 mm, 155 mm

Rocket fuels
Rocket motor and base bleed propelling charges, up to 120 mm

Extruded – Impregnated (EI) powders:
Small arms
Mortar ammunition

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